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A Faith base apparel line. This line is designed to empower and help you see the beauty in your individual authenticity.

*Sizes in the cropped tops run small. Recommend to order 1 size up.


The meaning behind the symbol “E” with the crown. 
The female counterpart of the Emperor.
The physical embodiment of a Goddess. She is abundant . The creator of life on the spiritual and physical level. She has the power of a Queen and consciousness of GOD. The Empress has temperance. She understand tearing down others will only bring her down to her lowest level. She is wise and introspective. She builds and up lifts other women,men and children. She is for the betterment of all forms of life. The mind of an Empress is beyond race,cultural differences, social status, and religion. She understands all things work together for the elevation and understanding of a better world. We can all coexist together 👑


Apparel By Allure Beauty Lounge
Emperor — The male counterpart of the Empress
The physical embodiment of GOD (Ra). He absorbs the sun rays,☀ only to spread light (wisdom/knowledge) into the world. The Emperor rules like King 👑 but has the temperance and consciousness of GOD. He concurs himself, then rebuilds himself into an Earth Angel. He is the protector of the physical, mental, and spiritual. He has transformed and ascended his Ego. He doesn’t live to lie, cheat, and manipulate others to fulfill his desires. He is inspirational and provides a foundation of love, loyalty, trust, and honesty. He carries the life force within him. He is abundant and prosperous ✨👑✨


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  •                  F A C I A L S




    60 Minutes $115


    * We use our exclusive botanical skin care products for this service.

    10% off Our Botanical Skin Line with this facial.

    A customized botanical facial to help hydrate and nourish all skin types.Deep cleansing and toning followed by a steam, pear enzyme exfoliation, hot towels, extractions and collagen treatment masque. This treatment includes hand massage  for the hands for added hydration.


    40 minutes $140
    60 minutes $165 with Facial Massage
    This facial is great for dull, hyperpigmented or acne skin. This chemical peel gets rid of dead skin to brighten and even skin tone. Vitamin C eye serum helps to brighten and refresh under eyes. Vitamin C serum and mask will calm the skin. For all skin types (except sensitive or rosacea skin) with irregular pigmentation. Great for all skin types, but but carefully formulated for treating an even skin tone and texture for darker skin types. Perfect for hyperpigmentation and melanoma. This peel has special time release molecules. Peel stays on the skin overnight and is rinsed in the morning. FOR BEST RESULTS: Complete a series of at least 4 treatments in 3-4 week intervals.
    Even Out Serum by Hydropeptide, Correct Serum & Catalyst
    Serum, Stem Cells
    Luminous Brightening Facial 
    This water-activated, micro-exfoliating facial gently polishes and buffs away radiance-impairing dead skin buildup to brighten and illuminate the skin. Perfect for all skin types, it smoothes the skin and helps to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone. The exfoliating blend with natural enzymes will have your skin glowing. Great for Lightening hyperpigmentation.
     50 Minute Facial
    50 minutes
    This facial is wonderful for sluggish, flaccid skin. Microcurrant will tighten and tone skin. Antioxidants and peptides are infused onto the skin with ultrasonic pulse to lift and firm the skin. Wonderful peptide eye serum to rejuvenate and firm under eyes. Then a seaweed mask to detox and tighten the skin. This facial is also great to do before wedding and red carpet events.
    Peptide Eye Serum



    40 minutes $135
    60 minutes $165 withFacial Massage
    Vitamin C facial will brighten, hydrate and firm skin. This facial is packed with antioxidants and an ultrasonic cleansing to give a radiant exfoliation. It’s a deep pore cleansing facial to cleanse skin of toxins. An ultrasonic cleanse will give the skin a deeper exfoliation and extract blackheads from pores. Next, a hydrating Vitamin C eye mask is applied to de-puff, brighten and firm. This facial includes hot towels, steam, antioxidants, and a stem cell and green tea mask to firm and purify. All of these vitamins and minerals will help restore skin luminosity.
    40 minutes $140
    60 minutes $165 with Facial Massage
    A quick, safe and effective form of exfoliation for all skin types and colors. Diamond-tipped applicator with a slight suction to remove dead or damaged skin cells. Skin will appear softer, smoother, brighter, clearer, fresher and younger looking. This facial include steam, extractions, LED, and hot towels.
    50 minutes $195
    This treatment immediately reverses the signs of aging and dehydration, creating healthy cells and firming results along with Micro-Needling and LED technology. This facial stimulates the collagen & elastin of the face to lift and firm the skin. Plant base stem cells are infused into the skin. This facial firms and rejuvenates. Includes deep cleanse, steam, exfoliation and mask. Perfect for acne scarring, minimizing the appearance of pores. 

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